What Sets Us Apart

Compassionate, Painless Care for Your Child’s Smile

Hope Pediatric Dentistry offers a safe and nurturing environment where every child is treated with the greatest respect and compassion.

Dr. Lisa Phillips, a board certified pediatric dentist, is happy to help make your son or daughter smile!

Board certified pediatric dentists undergo two years of additional residency training after dental school to work exclusively with children under the mentorship of other experienced pediatric dentists. Then they undergo a series of rigorous exams to complete the process. Pediatric dentists dedicate their practice to the specific dental and behavioral needs of children and adolescents.

Our goal is to help our young patients grow into adulthood with functional, healthy, confident smiles — and to have positive feelings about caring for their oral health!

A little one’s first dental experiences influence his or her thoughts about oral healthcare for the rest of their life. It is essential for every visit to be fun, gentle, and worry-free. This teaches children that seeing the dentist is an enjoyable part of life and they “graduate” to a general dentist with a positive attitude.

Dr. Lisa Phillips and our team understand how critical it is to provide fun-filled, non-threatening dental care. We are committed to caring for your child as we would our own!

Why Choose Hope Pediatric Dentistry?

  • We allow kids to be kids! Rather than expecting children to act like little adults, we encourage them to be themselves and seek to meet them on their terms. Some kids are apprehensive of new situations, so we are calm and encouraging, and we proceed at a slow pace. Other children are excited and full of questions when introduced to a new space; for those kids, we actively engage and happily answer their questions. Each child is unique, so we learn who they are and what they need to feel safe in the office.
  • We partner with parents and caregivers! It takes all of us, working together, to develop and maintain a little one’s healthy smile and good dental hygiene habits. We work closely with families to find approaches that fit their situation, never shaming or lecturing; instead, we empower families!
  • We are child- and family-friendly! We welcome parents to accompany their youngster into the treatment area and offer an infant room for lap exams, too. Dr. Lisa will never restrain a child for treatment and offers both nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and in-office general anesthesia, provided by board-certified dental anesthesiologists, when needed.
  • We are ethical, approachable, and local! Dr. Lisa will never recommend a procedure she would not want for her child and always clearly explains recommendations and options. She and our staff are glad to answer questions about treatments, financials, scheduling, and any concerns a parent might have. We want everyone to have a thorough understanding of treatment and be able to make informed decisions about care.
  • Read the full story of Hope here. 
  • Click this link to watch the video of why we believe a smile inspires hope

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

Hope Pediatric Dentistry offers a FREE initial dental visit to children age 2 and under called “Free Before Three.” This gives the family an opportunity to get to know Dr. Lisa and the practice, for children to become comfortable with visiting the dentist, and for parents to learn early oral hygiene information.

Please contact our Westminster, CO pediatric dental office for more information and schedule a visit!

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